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Here is the loooong awaited 2nd issue of the SHADOW WOLF Cyberzine. Right in time to get you through the hell of christmas. You might have noticed that the shadowwolf.net web adress didnt operate anymore, thats because I kinda forgot to renew the name or pay it or something....its not that important we will just put it on www.legowelt.org/cyberzine from now on! There you can also find the 1st issue in glorious green monochrome. That also means the editor@shadowwolf.net email is gone, if you have an article you know where to find me.


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The Urbino Mirror Experiment

"The Urbino Mirror Experiment, an occult home adventure"

Here is an astonishing mysterious experiment you can do with just a mirror and a dim light. In the Urbino mirror experiment you sit or stand before a mirror, starring at your own reflection for some time. After a few minutes your reflection will transform into the face of someone or something else! Another person, someone you might know, an ancestor, an archetypical face, an animal, a demon or magic creature...or something even weirder!

Reality falls apart, the true nature of the very self becomes questionable, do you even exist? Are you just some kind of vaporous hologram of which reality and proof we can only behold in a mirror? Does the fabric of reality short circuit in some kind of weird glitch loop because you are watching yourself which is not really yourself?

This strange phenomenon has been used since the earliest of times by sorcerers, witches, clairvoyants and fortune tellers in magick practices. It has only recently, in 2010, been scientificly studied by dr. Giovanni Caputo from the university of Urbino in Italy, hence the name "URBINO MIRROR EXPERIMENT".

This experiment might be scary, some people experienced seeing monstrous beings and felt quite disturbed aftwerwards.

What you need:


A dark room

A mirror - Dr. Giovanni Caputo suggests a mirror at least 50 by 50 cm, (that would be 19 by 19 inches) but I guess a smaller one will do also.

A dim light - Giovanni suggests a 25W incandescent light, but you probably can try candles, LED's too or something.

Thats all you need...Place the light behind you, preferably on a lower level then the mirror. Sit before the mirror with a distance of 40 centimeters (about 15-16 inches). Gaze for a couple of minutes at your own reflection and if everything should go as planned you will experience the strange face transformations.

Schematic drawing of the experiment:

Experiment with different colors of light and sound. Research if certain music or frequencies have different effects on the transforming reflections.

Scientific Explanation

So what did Dr.Giovanna Caputo find out during this experiment? Well nothing much except that it is a real experience and that there is not really a conclusive scientific explenation of what is going on. We simply don't know enough of neuroscience or how the brain works yet to understand. There are however some theories Dr.Caputo hinted at, which you can read in his report of the experiment, in pdf file:


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This month 26 december the IFM TOP 100 2014 will be broadcasted live from the ALAZKA cocktailbar in Scheveningen Beach. Starts at 16:00, you can visit and drink some nice cocktails. Adress is Zeekant 32, easily reachable with public transport lines trams 1, 11 (From The Hague hollands spoor station) and bus 22 (from The Hague central station).

And February 6th there will be an Intergalactic FM party in Rotterdam at the Perron club with I-F , Gesloten Cirkel , Legowelt and Still Serious Nic!!!

Also remember every Thursday and Friday there is live broadcast /TV / Action from the PANAMA RACING CLUB. Its always open if you want to perform, DJ, talk, do magic tricks or whatever you want to do.

Mail IFMX ///a t/// intergalacticFM.com for more informatioN!

If you don't want to do a liveshow you can also send in a mix! Every tuesday its time for the supermix on IFM channel 1. Send in a mix (1 hour minimum) and IFM will make you famous!


The Great Mono-Poly Interview


Hidden somewhere in the shadow of the brand new colossal cathedral-esque Rotterdam Central Station there is a cosy room with probably one of the most amazing collections of modular synths in Holland…or maybe even europe… maybe even the world. It is the modular synthesizer studio of Dennis Verschoor, better known by his artist names Mono-Poly and Zond3.

In his windowless sweaty modular synthesizer studio he drones away on countless new and ancient machines. Some dating from the very earliest pioneering times of electronic music. Endless Infinite loops of ever changing sounds, bleeps, drones…from dreamy ethereal pads to harsh industrial noise. He has released a number of albums on various labels such as the cult Japanese Doppelgänger records, based around the Japanese avant garde dark ambient scene of Koichi Watanabe and Seiji Nagai.

Miles of wires are intertwined on the modular synths, wires that remind us of endless infinite threads of noodles. Dennis calls himself jokingly "chef noodle" sometimes, like the muppet's swedish chef cooking up the modular canapés frolicking around…but such a name might be too light hearted: With a little imagination Dennis could also be a fiendishly genius villain trying to fabricate evil giant drones to take over the world. Shadow Wolf investigated to seek out whats cooking in Rotterdam…

Q: I guess most readers will know what a modular synthesizer is, but just for fun and those 3 people that don't know...could you explain very shortly in your own words what it is and why you particularly like it so much?

Dennis: A modular synth is basically something like a custom car. You can choose what kind of wheels you want, what type of engine, what exhaust etc.... So basicaly in synthesis language you can build it up with vco's, vcfs and vca's etc from all different kinds of types and brands. But you can also add exotic stuff like ring-modulators, wave-shapers etc. That is also for me the main reason why I like modular synthesizers that much.

Q: You call your creations Noodles. Can you explain what Noodling is?

Dennis: Noodling, basically, is patching and playing modular synthesizers. I often call patches noodles when they are self playing patches without any hand manipulation or computer control…and not sounding like a looping 16 step sequencer…something that keeps evolving by itself.

Q: Is there a difference between Noodles and Drones?

Dennis: Well a noodle could be a drone actually and a drone a noodle. But basically a noodle for me is an automatic continuous changing patch which could be rhythmic or melodic…or a combination of all above. But a drone is basically a one note tone or chord which slowly evolves due to a vcf filter, pulse width or wave-shape modulation for example.

Q: Why is the term Noodling used and not Spaghetti-ing for example? Just because it is easier to pronounce or is there another reason, maybe even a more sinister one?

Dennis: I think spaghetti somehow sounds more like a mess and noodling cooler. Noodles are nicer to eat then spaghetti anyway!

Q: How did you get involved with the mysterious Japanese Doppelgänger label where you did your first release…can you tell us a bit who is behind it and have you ever played there or want to in the future?

Dennis: At the time i contacted Koichi Watanabe i was using some Buchla 100 VCO's and a bandpass filter together with my Wiard. I was doing some deep spacious drone stuff and i had some stuff done. So i was looking into labels and doppelgänger was one of the labels i did email. In the email i had an example of the stuff i did and Koichi Watanabe replied me that he wanted to release it on his label. So that's basicaly how i got a release there.

Q: What is the oldest machine you own?

Dennis: My oldest machine is a Rhode & Schwarz Abstimmbarer Anzeigeverstärker UBM. Well actualy i currently own 6 of them. These were made from 1955 until somewhere halfway the 1960s. Official these aren't "real" instruments but made to test telephone-lines. They are bandpass filters with resonance and build with tubes. Karl Heinz Stockhausen used them probably first in a musical way in his compositions in the end 50s. The oldest "real" synth piece i currently is i think my Oberheim SEM. But the oldest i owned in the past was a Buchla/CBS modular from 1968.

Q: Your alias, Mono-Poly seems a bit odd as this is not a Modular Synth, was this one of your synthesizers? How do you compare that synth nowadays with the stuff you have now?

Dennis: The Korg Mono/Poly was the first monophonic analogue synthesizer i ever owned. And i think the 3rd synthesizer i ever owned. The first one was a Crumar Bit One (bought because it had midi) And the second one a Roland JX3P with a PG-200. I think the Mono/Poly is still an interesting synth and the voicing switching and modulation possibilities are pretty good!

Q: Do you use scales at all or do you embrace the total freedom of stepless frequencies that modular synths can provide?

Dennis: It depends, but for the past years i've been using quantizers quite often to keep notes in minor or major scales. (A Quantizer is a module that automatically quantizes a "wild" untuned pitch into a pitch of a musical scale)

Q: Do you see yourself as a explorer of sound…if so what have you discovered so far (in terms of sounds, music and the influence it has on the mind, did you ever have a mystical experience with sound?

Dennis: I think i'm an explorer of sound but also of patterns. I'm not really sure how to describe discoveries but i think sounds and soundscapes really play with your mind. Sometimes people come up with complete story-lines when they listen to stuff. And i think we all do. Don't we? I think it works really well when you're a painter. Because i am a painter too. But i don't use paint but sine and square waves.

Q: And where do you want to take your exploring, are there any unknown, unmapped areas in sound you want to seek out?

Dennis: I want to discover new worlds.

Q: Are you aware of any frequencies that can influence the brain? Like for example certain low frequencies around 19HZ make people feel uncomfortable, scared that something is around them…like they are being haunted…did you ever experience something like that? Or plan to do some experiments?

Dennis: Well offcourse frequency's work on your brain.

Everyone knows…and there are even governments doing research experiments to break or make people with sound/frequencies. Like torturing people at Guatomale Bay while playing Skinny Puppy! I never experimented with it yet but i will for sure!

Q: You have been playing abroad quite a few times now with your modular synths at festivals and stuff…?

Dennis: I am a resident at Freerotation Festval in Wales (going 4th year now). Last year was actually super fun and at Sunday i did a jam sesion with Cary Grace which is an amazing Woman. She's an awesome musician, singer and she builds Wiard modular synthesizers. Further more i play a few times each year in Brussel which got a good and nice modular scene. I also played in Kuru, Estonia last year.

Q: When you travel with your modulars, especially when you travel by airplane, I can imagine it can be difficult at airports, have there ever been any problems with security?

Dennis: When i fly back from Berlin, Tegel they always take me out of the cue into a seperate room for further investigation. The best thing i learned is tell them you're a DJ.

Mostly there aren't any big problems at airports. But last year when I flew to Tallin, Estonia to play at Kuru. I got there without a problem. Got picked up at the airport went to the festival in the middle of the woods, about 2 hours from the city. On Saturday i wanted to power up the modular and it didn't work at all. This kind off stuff happens always happen. But after some further inspection i noticed that the powersupply's were broken. A coil on the pcb was broken off and the housing of the Coil was broken.

There i was in the middle of nowhere and only 50% of the modular was working. At first i was focused on getting a new power supply. But i realised that wasn't possible....we were in the middle of nowhere.

So somehow I got this very old rusty soldering iron from a farm and we arranged some super glue. We didn't had solderpaste or anything but I managed to get it working!

The rest of the weekend in Estonia was amazing and I ended up doing a last show a few hours before my flight back somewhere in the Harbor of Tallin.

Q: Apart from doing your music you also have been doing the noodle bar events which have grown as an interesting get-to-together for many dutch modular freak and enthiousast…can you tell us a bit about these nights? Who have played so far etc.?

Dennis: In 2012 i was struggling with being annoyed that there was not really a good electronic (modular) experimental scene here at all. In August 2012 I started with the first Noodlebar on a Sunday at the old BAR at the West-Kruiskade in Rotterdam. It was just a bit of modular fun in the back of an old bar. January 2013 BAR moved to their current location and things got better. We also could play a bit louder and we got more organized as a Noodlebar team.

At the end of 2014 i decided to leave BAR and in Januari 2014 we started doing our events at Roodkapje. And we're still doing shows at Roodkapje now every month. But also sometimes party/festival organizers come to me because they have a room or a day when they want me to program a Noodlebar and bring some artists and organize it.

So far we had a few well known artists like Das Ding and Stefan Robbers from the Acid Junkies... Also lots of Artists which aren't that well known but really deserve to be mentioned: Gein, Rip-It, Rumatov, Ruistuin, Jenamu6 with Jenoer and Stanislav, Zenn, Falafelbiels and all others i've forgotten!

Newsupdate just in:

The noodlebar is going to move from the roodkapje building to a new more permanent location which will also include a workshop

Check out the Noodlebar homepage here:


Thank u Dennis Mono-Poly for this interview.




BUCHLA 100 & 200 series

FENIX XL (prototype of the Fenix 1 & 2)

SERGE/CGS 5 panel suitcase

Lots of 1960s/70's laboratory equipment like filters, oscillators

and weird stuff.

HARRY PLOTTER - this is an intriguing machine, sort of a printer that directly prints sound into graphical waveforms on paper, creating little artpieces which you can actually purchase here for very modest prices:




Zond3 - Proton K (Doppelganger Records CD 2008, Japan)

Mono/Poly - Atlantic Storm (Strange Life Records CD 2009 Holland)

Mono/Poly - AniTsalagi Svnoyihi (205 Recordings CD 2011 Sweden)

Latest Ball Lightning Theories

The phenomena of the mysterious Ball Lighting is still unexplained and puzzling scientists the world over. For many years science disregarded ball lightning as a fairytale and psuedoscience.

If you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon:

Ball Lightning is a spherical, globular ball of fuzzy "lightning" that floats and moves around for a considerable amount of time. They can move straight through walls, windows and metal and will keep their cosistency. They can be anywhere between a few centimeters to meters in diameter and they have been reported all around the world.

In the past decades it has become clear that ball lightning is a very real phenomena and many studies have been conducted investigating them. Many laboratory experiments have been done to recreate the ball lightning to some degree, including one with a microwave which you can do yourself!

(see below).

But giving similar results doesn't mean it is the real deal...it is unknown if these laboratory creations resemble the real ball lightning. We simply don't know what is going on...we just know they exist: There is a considerable amount of collective eye witness reports and photographic evidence.

Here are some theories concerning the origins of ball lightning:


An hypothesized speculation that comets or meteoroids exist that are made out of antimatter instead of normal matter. So occasionally these metereoids hit the earths atmosphere and become ball lightning.

More information here


A theory that ball lightning is a supertiny primeordial microscopic black hole. As they pass through the earth they appear as the balllightning. Mario Rabinowitz of Stanford University wrote a paper on the subject you can read here:



Ball lightning seems to be very similar to certain hallucinations experienced by people who have epileptical seizures in the occipital lobe. These seizures can be triggered by the force of a lightning strike: its intense flash and magnetic field burst could excite the neurons in the brain.

This is however questionable as ball lightning has been photographed and filmed. Also, when it occurs it is witnessed by everyone. That would mean these people are experiencing a "collective hallucination" of something that is behaving the same in the mind of all observers.


A recently declassified secret study by the British Defence Intelligence on UFO's "concluded" that the existence of them as such is indisputable, but that their origin is not extraterrestrial but most feasably "supernormal" weather/atmospheric phenomena that are not yet understood. One of these is "Buyant Plasma Formation" which creates ball lightning effects through some kind of plamsic energy field whatever that means. It even goes as far claiming these Byant Plasma formations can induce livelike hallucinations of close encounters, akin to the transcranial magnetic stimulation theory.

You can read the Project Condign report here:





dissclaimer: I am not responsible if you burn down your house or create interdimensional portals or f*ck up the time space continuum.

if you do this experiment - its at your own risk.

What you need:


1 knife

1 grape

1 glass

1 microwave oven

cut the upper top from the grape and make a vertical incision through the grape but leave the bottom part together, like this...we used a green grape but you can ofcourse use any color you want:

grape is cut as follows:

Now place the grape under a glass in the microwave:

And turn on the microwave and watch the genesis of a ball lightning! Ofcourse we really don't know if this actuall ball lightning, what we do know is that you just created a plasma ball...which kind of looks like it.

Rastafarian Language Course

The Rastafarian language also called Iyaric, Livalect or Italk is a very interesting phenomena in the linguistics world. It is a dialect of English but pushes it forward with some intruiging concepts.

It uses the idea of "WORDSOUND", a concept where the sound of a pronounced word, or its written name is thought to have powers and hidden meaning. Words have higher realities and should never be spoken carelessly or withouth thought. "It is a conjuction of mind, heart and tongue to project positive and enlighted concepts of thought and heart"

The power of words can be changed: negative sounding words have to become more postive within their meaning and viceversa. Words are thus changed if its pronouncation or written name does not comply with its meaning.

For example:

Appreciate becomes Apprecilove, because "ate" sounds like hate.

Dedication becomes Livication because "Ded" sounds like dead.

Concept becomes Incept because "con" has a negative meaning

Understanding becomes Innerstanding because "Under" doesn't fit the meaning of the word.

Oppressor becomes Downpressor because "Op" is related to up and its vibration is too positive for such a negative word.

Invention becomes Outvention for mechanical things - because a machine is seen as outward, it is not "in the mind", but for a more spiritual concept like Rastafarianism you can use Invention, because it comes from the innermind.

More words and phrases:

Irie - Good, positive, peacefull emotions.

Ax / Aks - To Ask

Creation Stepper - Means you step it in and throughout Babylon withouth fear - cutting edge, living on the edge, fearing no foe. Looking Justice in the eye and saying what are you doing?" as said by Clinton Fearon.

Bong Belly Pickney - A gluttonous little fat brat

Babylon - The corrupt establishment, the system, church, state, the police

Cool Runnings - Rastafarian term for "have a safe journey"

Polytrickster - A Politician

Whore of Babylon - Queen Elizabeth II

Scientist - Occult practioner

Leggo Beas - Wild, Disorderly, like an uncaged ferocious animal

First Light - Tommorow

I an I - term for Me, Myself, I

I-Wah time - What Hour or What is the Time?

I-nerversity - Your unexplored mental universe, self teaching

Wolf - Non rasta dreadlocks

Sight? - Do you understand?

Chalice - Rastafarian Bong made out of a hollow coconut

Bandulu Bizness - a racket, swindle

Hong Kong's Electro Trash Hunt

A report on gear-hunting activities in Asia's world city from our special reporter in Hong Kong BoeufStroganoff:

Living in Hong Kong has its advantages and disadvantages.

The city is build in a very dramatic fashion. It is a string-shaped city, sandwiched between the sea and jungle-ish mountains, and high-rise buildings pop up wherever there is a piece of land flat enough not to be hazardous to live on. Every squared centimetre is busy and people "live" in rabbit cage-like apartments. There is just no space in the city.

Hong Kong is also addicted... to cash. Money flows in here like sweet drug in the veins of a shemale crackwhore. It is constantly on people's mind, turning them into money zombies.This kind of created a society landscape that doesn't contain all the flavours you would find in a more balanced society. You meet a lot of bankers, import-export guys, fashion industry bitches, vacuous appearance-related people or Chinese factory coordinators,... but never will you meet any astrophysicists, biomedical-scientist, anthropologist and of course very few artists or musicians. Rent is so damn high that you just can't afford having a non-conventional lifestyle. Artists are not rich enough to dedicate a room of their tiny apartment to make big metal sculptures, a paint studio or a music studio with machines instead of just a laptop computer. As a consequence, the city's cultural offer sucks big time.

But all this has created a unique setup for someone like me.

There's a neighbourhood in Hong Kong called Sham Shui Po. It used to be one of the poorest district of Hong Kong, but it's under heavy gentrification lately. It's a place where you can find a lot of electronic stores, second hand shops, LED's, photography gear and a few block of electronic junk places.

I call them "places" because I have never understood if they were shops or not, since sometimes people would yell at you to get the fuck out (in cantonese), but a week after the same people are happy to make business with you. It is especially good after dark, because you'll have a lot of people running around with electro junk and sitting on a pile of cassette recorders smoking, drinking and gambling in exotic languages. It has some rebel spaceport market on an asteroid kind of a vibe to it, and it is the only true multicultural district of Hong Kong in that regard.

Anyway, those places are basically just piles of TVs, aircon units, DVD players and all sort of weird machines that come here to die. It feels like an electronic machine death row, the last place where they are stocked before being pulled apart. They can hear the sound of the electric screw driver, the same way cows and pigs can hear screams of animal being killed at the slaughterhouse.

Some of those machines will be offered a second chance though. Maybe a black Jesus will save them, by buying and putting them into a container bound to an exotic African country, where they can be repaired and enjoy a nice sunny lifestyle or something. Shipping junk to Africa seems to be a big business here.

Where am I going with all this ?

Well, since there is only a handful of people making music in this place, and especially making music with actual space-hungry gear, this is kind of a paradise for gear-hunting activities. But forget about mint condition. Whatever you can find here will be run down, missing limbs, or mentally deficient.

But dirt cheap !!

One cannot describe the pleasure of finding unique musical gems amongst dead 80's karaoke amplifiers. You can never predict what you will find, and many trips are unsuccessful, but there are some good picks. Like this Pearl syncussion SY-1 analog drum synth I found on top of some poor plasma TVs. The guy didn't know what it was and got it for a ridiculous (small) amount of money. The wood is destroyed, the metal has dents everywhere, but plug it in and it makes amazing bliiip and pooings, as to thank you for having rescued it. Inspiring bubbly drone-ish tones can be achieved with it.

Once I saw a concrete-covered Roland super-JX, barely recognizable (4 euros). Turned out that when I removed the concrete, it was rusted to the extreme as if it stayed under acid rain for a few years. Considering it's state, I have to say that I was quite surprised to see it turning on and making sweet melancholic pad sounds flawlessly. Has the machine acquired new deep sound quality because of it's difficult life experience ?

Sometimes making a deal is difficult, because of the locals not willing to deal with gweilos ("white ghost" in cantonese, used to describe westerners). I had to lie to an old lady who was not willing to let me save a Siel DK80 from certain destruction. I told her I made an arrangement with her boss previously and that she's going to get in trouble for not letting me have it.

The concept of ethic becomes blurry when one see a machine with a Chord Memory function.

A Tama TS202 and the almighty AMS RMX16 reverb where once sold to me for a price fixed by the weight of the metal. The RMX16 is still in a coma state but I'm sure it will rise one day.

It is such a great way to tap into a new sound source as you're bringing home weird sound modules you would never find anywhere else. Ever heard of the Kawai Phm pop synth module ? Or the Yamaha PTX8 Drum synth ? Great at making dark electronic oil refinery drum sounds. Or the strange and elegant Tascam CF-20 dual analog flanger/chorus rack module.

I could also talk about a couple of ensoniq ESQ1 keyboards in a special asian version build by suzuki, sold for less than the price of a single CEM chip, of which it contains 8 units (I made this random patch generator for it and it sounds just like an episode of Ulysse 31). Sweet...

Or the 50 euro deal for a Roland D50 and a Korg M1 that a Nigerian dude helped me secure with a reluctant canto boss. Nigerians junk dealers and Cantonese Chinese seem to be able to communicate in a weird form of mutated transgenic english, a language I'm not familiar with unfortunately.

Or an amazing sounding BOSS DM300 analog echo that i bought "just because I need those big black and orange knobs for an art project" for 3 euros. BTW, If you see one of these passing by, get it on the spot, you'll never regret it. Juicy soft distorted feedback sound that can beef up the thinnest sound.

Anyway, loads of unexpected finds in that hood... Replace some fuses, turn the machines on and if you don't die from an electrical shock, a new sound palette is offered to you, with scratchy pots and digital glitches as extra bonus. It's like seeing new colors in the rainbow or something. I don't lust after vintage legendary analog synth anymore. Now my thrill is to find the most obscure, unknown, off-market sound module and make electricity pass through its circuits again, after all those years in a dark, warm and humid, rat infested Hong Kong warehouse. Not to mention that it actually helped me learning some Cantonese which is a fucking difficult language. One may also learn a lot about their negotiation techniques, which consist mostly in smoking some hardcore chinese cigarettes, and faking being busy and annoyed when you try to show interest in a piece of crap.

Nobody seems to be interested in old gear in this city, which is super duper cool for me, but eventually those old bastards keep filling up the space in my tiny tiny place. I need more money to afford a bigger place !

If one of you guys ever visit Hong Kong, and unlike mushroom hunting afficionados, I'll be happy to offer a tour of the best "places" (contact the editor )


some pics here :


Brian Eno's Ambient Surround Speaker System

These are instructions on how to build a surround "ambient" speaker system with just a normal -2 speaker-setup and one extra cheap speaker. They could be found on the liner notes of the 1982 Brian Eno Ambient 4:On Land record. It is a very simple trick with some quite impressive results and makes your listening experience way more dynamic and adventerous.

Although Brian Eno claims he discovered this "by accident" it was really originally invented in the early 1970s by David Hafler as a cheap way to get ambient surround sound by means of "passive psuedo-quadraphonics", it is known originally as the "Hafler Hookup". Naughty Brian Eno! But because Ambient 4 On Land is such a good album we will see it through the fingers, as they say in Holland.

What you need:


(oldschool) HIFI Amplifier + left & right speaker, not one of those new stupid MP3 boombox Guido babyroom toys.

One extra loudspeaker, less powerfull then above, not giving too much bass.

speaker cable



AMBIENT 4 ON LAND Liner notes - An Ambient Speaker System:

I regard this music as environmental: to be experienced from the inside. Accordingly I considered releasing a quadrophonic version of it, an idea I abandoned upon realising that very few people (myself included) own quadraphonic systems.

However, I have for many years been using a three-way speaker system that is both simple to install and inexpensive, and which seem to work well on any music with a broad stereo image. The effect is subtle but definite - it opens out the music and seems to enlarge the room acoustically.

In addition to a normal stereo hifi system all that is required is one extra loudspeaker and some speaker cable. The usage of this speaker in the three-way system is such that it will not be required to handle very low frequencies: therefore a small or "mini" speaker will be adequate.

As shown in the diagram below, the two terminals of the new speaker are connected to the two positive speaker connectors on the amplifier. This speaker is located somewhere behind the listener - at the apex of a triangle whose base is formed by the original loudspeaker set-up. One of the unexpected benefiets of this system is an increase in the usable listening area - almost any point in the room will yield good (although not necessarily "accurate") stereo sound.

I arrived at this system by accident, and I don't really know why it works. What seems to happen is that the third speaker reproduces any sound that is not common to both sides of the stereo - i.e., everything that is not located centrally in the stereo image - and I assume that is because the common information is put out of phase with itself and cancels out.

More technically, the lower the impedance of the added speaker, the louder it will sound. If it is found to be too loud (although this rarely seems to happen), you can either insert a potentiometer (6-12 ohms, at least 10 watts) into the circuit, or move the speaker further away.

Brian Eno.

Schematic setup of the ambient surround system:

So what is happening here? Basicly the added third speaker emits the sounds that are not common to both sides of the stereo spectrum and plays them beyond you. This will give a "3 Dimensional" sound experience, it seems like the sound moves past you coming from all angles! This is quite the same thing that happens in dolby surround systems today but this is a cheaper and more rag-tag "unique" way of doing things.

It also works great on movies!

Note: It will only work if your amplifier has a common ground, it won't work with a floating ground amplifier. How can you check that? Well just try it I guess, if it doesn't work you got the wrong amp or you are listening to some really shitty music.

Xenology 101: A Guide To Greys

An Introduction to the GREY ALIEN SPECIES

NAMES: Greys, Roswell Greys, Grays, Zetans, Zeta Reticulians, Petit Gris, Gourds, The Kids, Extranjero Gris, Estrangeiro Cinzento, Colonists, UFO occupants and many more.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Hairless skinny grey colored humanoid-type alien.

Small size around 2 to 4 ft. with a large head, enlarged cranium. Large black eyes with no visible iris or pupil. Thin slithed mouth, no lips. No external organs such as noses, ears or sex organs. No visible muscles or bone structures. Often depicted with Long thin fingers, thin limbs either small or long. There are also taller greys reported but most of the time they are small in size. The taller greys, about 6 - 8 ft. are believed to be in a higer ranking, commanding function.

SUSPECTED ORIGIN: The Zeta Reticuli star system

A binary star system (a star system that consists of two stars) of which the stars are exceptionally similar to our own sun. At a distance of around 39.5 Light years / 12 parsecs it is fairly close to us on a cosmic scale.

It is believed that it has at least one planet called SERPO (or SERPONIA or SEINU) its existence leaked from undisclosed sources that told about the mysterious PROJECT SERPO - a top secret exchange program between earth and the supposedly grey home planet SERPO. However at the time of writing there has been no astronomical evidence for any planets in the Zeta Reticuli system to support this theory. But then again, exoplanet research has just begun and this doesn't mean at all that there are no planets circling in the binary system.


They are enemies of the Reptillian alien race, who like to eat Grey aliens as a delicacy. Especially the Grey's fingers are eaten as a light snack. Also enemies of the Pleiadians, or Nordic Aliens...basicly Greys are enemies of everyone except neo-nazis as they were allied with the Third Reich in World War 2.

ACTIVITY: Primeraly known for abducting humans and doing experiments on them Greys are inheretily evil minded, or perhaps in line with Lovecrafts cosmicism indifferent to our feelings. Generally abductions take place during nightime when we are in our beds. The abductee is paralysed while the greys appear on the bedside and take their captive.

Abductions are extremely traumatic and terrifying events. The abductee is conducted to forced medical experiments that focus most of the times on the reproductive system and cranium. When they are returned from their capture the abductee occasionaly find themselves at a different location from where they were taken and they experience missing time.

HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST THEM: There is probably not much you can do when these greys show up in your house, resistance seems futile as they aparently use telepathic "thought" control to abduct you.

It is said that white sage repells them but I dont really think a highly advanced extraterrestrial race with technology far surpassing ours would be repelled by a dried herb.

If you get abducted by Greys the best thing to do is probably go with the flow and at least enjoy the fact that aliens take interest in you. Also the mere idea that you have a first hand encounter, in whatever way, with an Alien lifeform should be quite a thrilling experience...

Hot Producer Tips

Some more tips from the world's freakiest studios:



Did you acquire a secondhand synthesizer that smells funny? Or you just don't like the chemical weird fumes of your brand new one? Here is a tip to make it smell all fresh and natural! Put the synthesizer in a plastic garbagebag, it has to be entirely enclosed, if possible with some small horizontal space for a small bowl. If it doesn't fit in one just tape 2 garbagebags together. Put an (open) bowl of ground coffee in the bag, hermeticly seal the bags and wait for a couple of days. When you take it out the faul smell should be gone!



A cool usefull tip from Jimi Elektrovolt:

When mixing down a track on a DAW put a MONO fuction VST on the master, this is a plugin or function in the DAW that will let you hear the mix in mono. It will be much easier to make a good mixdown now, and you can tackle phase cancellation problems and what not more way easier.

For example in Ableton you can use the UTILITY -> MONO.



From S.Hadowwolf

This is a strange tip that might actually work when you are producing or working on tracks and you feel its not going so well...It could be writer's block, just plain laziness or even just lack of skill. Get rid of those mind states with this semi-magickal mind trick: Have a record player with a random record running somewhere in your studio while you are working, no sound just have it somewhere in the corner of your eye and occasionally look at it while you check your own song (If the sound of the needle is too loud still just lift the arm over the record but let the record keep turing). This will make your perceivement of the music you are working on different, You trick your mind because your unfinished track is transposed to you seeing a finished format in action and this might give you some more inspiration and motivation..This might sound weird but try it…it might work for you!



A handy tip from DJ Overdose for all the old sampler freaks: If you use one of those old samplers where you have to load the operating system each time you turn it on from a floppy (Ensoniq EPS, ASR, Akai S2000, Roland W30, Ensoniq Mirage etc.etc.etc.) get a piece of string or wire, put it through the read/write protect hole and attach that string or wire to the sampler (you can use the rackears or use a piece of tape or find somekind of screw) Now you never loose that Operating System floppy!



From S.Hadowwolf

The Korg Volca bass is a cool little analog 3 osc synthesiser, playing the touch keyboard with a detuned 3 oscillator patch instantly gets u 70s ArpMoog Jazzfunk freakiness…and with a little bit of imagination u might think u are playing a Buchla Music Easel!

Anyways here is a cool patch, it sort of emulates the Commodore 64 SID arpeggio by using a square wave LFO that modulates the pitch so it quickly emulates a 2 notes arpeggio. The oscillators are detuned in a chord...be sure to put the OSC on

EG: Attack 9 o'clock (or whatever u like)

Decay/Release 5 o'clock (till the end)

LFO RATE = slightly over 2'o clock (just listen to what sounds ok)

INT = wait with setting this after u set the LFO WAVE below

VCF: Peak = 1 o'clock

Cutoff = 12 o'clock

VCO: pitch 1 = 12n

pitch 2 = 5n

pitch 3 = 10n

And the settings for the touchpad keys:

VCO Group: M3


LFO WAVE: SQUARE ( | |_| )

now set the LFO INT to your liking, depending on whatever interval you want for this "fake" arpeggio.

You can also choose the Sawtooth LFO Wave and put the LFO INT just at 8 o'clock for a more conservative lead sound.

VCO WAVE: Whatever you want, can be a combination of different waves

Sustain: ON


Put some delay (and a tad of reverb to your liking) over it and you are ready to go...slide your fingers over the keyboard and tweak the Octave key for some extra freakyness Sun Ra cosmic explorer freejazzzz style!



Your echo delays will become swirling splashy wow & fluttery if you add some phaser before the delay signal (or after it to personal taste). Use a nice "soft" silk modest phaser like the MXR or Mu-Tron Phaser. Twiddle the rate knob occasionaly for those magic warbles wieieieieieuueepepeppepeppeeppiwwueueieeueuue!



For drum sequencing, it might be obvious but the old Korg smaller Electribes, the ES1 and ER1 send MIDI out and are great hardware XOX drum sequencers for any MIDI gear - hook up your drum machine, sampler or module and you are in business! The Electribe sequencer works even better then the original XOX sequencer in many aspects as you can save your pattern while playing (like only the TR606 does) and you have stuff like mute and solo buttons, among some other more fancy bits!



You want a free extra LFO for pitch and filter for your Poly 61, Poly 800, DW6000, 8000, DSS1, DS8? Basicly any korg that uses that weird multidirectional joystick for pitch/modulation. Just open it up and take out the spring that bounces back the joystick. Now you can set the joystick in any position and it will not bounce back giving you a free 2nd LFO you can program on the filter and cutoff!

The Occult Orientated Crime Album

OUT NOW! The first Occult Orientated Crime album on Nightwind Records!

Extremely trippy PROFESSIONAL ambient, not just some jumbled up chiliwave overcompressed 80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff---this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT - 100% psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research.

It can be purchased and downloaded here:


Some information about the tracks:


This one was originally performed at the Cinesonic event in Trouw,Amsterdam Holland were it was used as a soundtrack for some video art movies from the LIMA archive.

Performed on Roland Alpha Juno 2, Roland Super JX10, Korg X5D


The dark side of the high bustling beau monde of international modelling.

Performed on EMU Emulator II, Korg MicroKorg, Doepfer Modular


Envision ancient rituals like those at the Temple of Apollo giving offerings in sensual dances to attain a higher spirit of being.

Performed on EMU Emulator II

LZH127 paixao na sala de estar

Set in the lounge and dining quarters of the LZH127 airship "Graf Zepellin. Romance is in the air floating endlessy towards a setting sun...what adventures await?

performed on D.S.I PEK


What do you get when you are narcotized to the maximum and sitting behind a Casio AT-3 keyboard? Well this.


Around 8000 years ago the islands of Doggerland and Vikingbergen vanished in the North Sea. It was a vertile neolythical culture of which not much is known. Some say it was Atlantis, or "Atland" the homeworld of the Frysians before they had to abandon it during a great flooding...as is told in their ancient sagas.

Perfomed on Korg Microkorg Moog Voyager and Korg X5D, Watkins



It is believed that Stonehenge was the world's first analogue computer. With a memory of 240 bytes it could store information about the summer's solstice All hidden in the mysterious juxtaposition of the ancient standing stones...

Performed on Novation Nova and Moog Delay.


Influenced by the spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo, mysterious evaporous sketches of Spain enfold in this odd duck on the album.

Performed on Alpha Juno 2, Moog Voyager, Roland JX3P, Korg X5D.


Melt your mind with this extremely zompy version of Ravel's Bolero... transposed to sync with your theta brain waves....mind you don't trip!

Perfomed on Roland Alpha Juno, Yamaha CS30, Doepfer Modular, Watkins Copicat


"Locked in at a museum" a sinister dark stroll through the dark empty halls and corridors of a museum to your choice.

Performed on Roland JV2080, Moog MF104Delay


This is a 37 minute long trip going into various directions. You might heard it on the legowelt soundcloud a couple of months ago. This track was "conceptualized" when my friend Kaman send me a fieldrecording of a torrential rainstorm in Oslo Norway earlier this year. I took out a Korg MS2000 and Doepfer Modular synthesizer and started jamming over it, the result being this track.

Performed on Korg MS2000, Doepfer Modular, Korg Microsampler

Psychoactive Properties Of Garlic

GARLIC - Not well documented, and no scientific research has ever been done on this subject, but eating a lot of garlic has a mild sedating buzzy elating effect, an overall relaxed mesmerization and will give you sense of euphoria. You will ofcourse be so smelly there won't be much euphoria for the people around you.

Some people claim results after only 2 raw cloves of garlic but I think you need some more, which isn't particular healthy for your stomach either. Some people crush the garlic and snort it through their nose, claiming it has an "energetic" effect...I reckon that must be quite painfull...

I am not entirely convinced it needs to be RAW garlic, I think you can have the same effect by cooking garlic in the oven, which will make it much more enjoyable. Just take a few garlic bubls, take off the outer skin (you can leave the individual garlic skings). Cut off the upper part with a knife (Just like that Plasma ball lightning Grape from the Ball Lightning experiment!) sprinkle or massage them with olive oil and put them in the oven for half an hour at 200 degrees Celsius (400 Fahrenheit).

Now you can just squeeze out that soft pudding-esque garlic and get high.

It will be but a matter of time before Garlic will become a CLASS 1 substance and be illegal and outlawed in oppresive regimes.

Behringer BSY600 Bass Synthesizer Review

Eggerton Omolet investigates the BEHRINGER BASS SYNTHESIZER BSY600

By now you might have heard that Behringer is designing a bunch of analogue synthesizers. Still pretty much in its conception phase we might forget that they already are selling a synthesizer....the BSY600 BASS Synthesizer!

Sort off...this is not really a full fledged synthesizer but a behringer copy of the BOSS SYB-3 bass pedal. If you don't know, the German Behringer mostly copies ***Everything*** that exist in the gearmusicworld. With guitar effect pedals they don't even hide where it comes from, they even copy the looks, artwork and whatnot more with some ***slight*** alterations to avoid issues. And if they get issues with the original brands they just settle it for $$$$$. Maybe they always settle before they design...I don't know I wouldn't be surprised. The names are quite hilarious, they just husslebussle the original product name around randomly to get something new. So BSY600 comes from SYB-3 and even more hilarious: the CHORUS SPACE-C C300 which ofcourse comes from the Line6 SPACE CHORUS jumbled with some old Roland stuff...come on!!!!!!!)

Somtimes these copies actually outclass the original copied products (For example Behringer mixers are superior over their Mackie inspiration, the Vintage Time Machine analog echo outclasses its EHX Memory man source in many ways and the Behringer V-Verb is considered a high class reverb, though I am not sure where that was copied from, they had to stop making it a few years ago...maybe they got sued I dunno)

Apart from that its flooding the world with more useless plastic crap for humankinds inexhaustible trash heap, Behringer is an infinite source of cheap, fun and sometimes usefull things for the studio. A Cheap quick fix for gear junkies.

Enter the BSY-600 BASS synthesizer, basicly designed for bass guitar players so they can transform their bass sounds into funky moogesuqe basssynth. The cool thing is that you don't have to use a bassguitar: a cheap 10$ casio keyboard, a drummachine, monotron or a Jupiter 8 will do the trick just as fine.

So connect a drummachine or whatever, twiddle the knobs a bit and you get insant acid bleeps and bloops. The pedal tracks the pitch of incoming signal together with an envelope filter to create synthbass sounds out of your signal. There are 11 waveforms to choose from,of which 2 or 3 sound quite good. Depending on the chosen waveform you can either control the LFO depth/rate or the envelope decay (so some waveforms have an LFO controlling its filter and other ones an envelope follower).

There are knobs for filter resonance and frequency so you can tweak around. Don't expect any 303 madness or sophisticated finetuning of filter freakyness its all a bit rough and crumbley or "friable".

There is an extra input where you can connect an expression pedal and tweak the filter frequency externally sort of overriding the LFO or envelope follower control.

It doesn't really sound like its inspiration (The Boss SYB) The BSY600 is a bit more "chorusey" and plastic-y but certainly not in a bad way...it can sound juicy and fresh and the fun level is out of the roof. I had a 5$ old casio SA-1 connected to it and it became a very ragtag undisciplined mini analog monster that could take on something like a Yamaha CS01, with a lot of imagination.

If you are into these cheap little electronic music instruments (Monotrons, Volca's etc.) this might give you some exotic spontaneous freshness.

Check out this youtube movie of someone controlling it with an organ rhythm box:


Behind The Scenes Of Relics Of The Past

(proposed scene from episode 23: 'Volcano Island')

Relics of the Past, the Public Acces TV show starring DJ Overdose, Willie Burns and Legowelt has hit the internet by storm! here are some interesting facts about this show:

The second episode "Space Weed" was concieved, shot, editted and soundtracked in 2 days on a budget of 91 euros.

The soundtrack of this episode was recorded in 20 minutes

Synthesizers used on the soundtrack of Part II were the Ensoniq SQ80 and the Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Keyboard.

Synthesizers used in episode one were mostly the Korg Microstation and Casio AT-3, a gold colored keyboard workstation designed especially for Arab weddings.

The R2D2 robot-like sounds were made with a Yamaha DX21 FM synthesizer, tweaking the slider on the frequency parameter and playing random notes.

Professor Gardner's sockpuppet's name is Billy, but is sometimes also refered to as "Chicken"

Billy was designed and built by Baz Reznik

Although he is a gardener, it is assumed Professor Gardner's gardening exploits are only a hobby as he seems wealthy enough to be admitted to a institution for the "upscale" mentally insane.

Professor Gardner has a website somewhere on the internet. Its subject Ancient Relics and Anthropology. As of yet The location of this website is unknown...maybe you can find it?

Exo-Psychology With The Eight Circuit Model Of Consciousness

A theory from dr.Timothy Leary, that states that the brain and human nervous system has 8 consciousness levels, or modes of operation that he calls circuits.

These eight circuits can be divided into 2 groups, the lower LARVAL CIRCUITS and the highter STELLAR circuits.

The lower LARVAL circuits deal with "everyday" psychology. Circuits needed for "terrestrial" survival: nourishment, territoriality, language, mapping, prediction, looking for comfort, sexuality, euphoria, enjoyment etc.etc.etc.

The upper STELLAR circuits deal with psychic, mystical, enlightend and psychedelic states of mind. They are not yet used by most of the humans. The Stellar circuits only started to evolve in recent times. Each circuit going upwards serves as a new more advanced chapter in human evolution.



Regulates the basic survival needs of humans (and animals). Comfort, nourishment, physical safety, violence for survival.

Activated by Sugar and Opoids, such as morphine and heroine.


Regulates domination and submission, territorialty, suspicion, "political-territorial groupings"...think shallow brain function basicly like Guidos wearing Bang Bang, FUBU or roccawear or anything similar to that, don't go any higher then this. Activated by alcohol, mostly depressant drugs such as barbiturate and benzodiazepines.


This circuit coordinates human symbol systems; trying to understand the universe/ the world around you, language, invention, prediction, manipulating the enviroment, human science, technology etc.

This system first appeared when we evolved into "greater apes" (Hominids) from the primates. This circuit is triggered by stimulant drugs: Caffiene, Cocaine, Amphetamines.


The fourth circuit relates to cultural values, sexual pleasure and regulates ones behavior within "cultural networks". Drugs related to activate this circuit are: MDMA, Indopan, Monase, Butylone and other entactogens.



Also called the "RAPTURE CIRCUIT": Coordinates neurological-somatic feedbacks, The flat "geometry" of ordinary experience is shifted multidimensionaly. Transposes the mundane visual space to all encompassing sensory space. Releases yourself from the previous lower Larval compulsive mechanisms. It is activated by Cannabis, Hatha Yoga, Zen meditation, Tantra / prolonged sexual play withouth orgasm.


"The consciousness of abstracting"

This circuit deals with the nervous system becoming aware of itself. It can re-implant /re-program all earlier circuits. Gives a new understanding of the "percieved" reality. Experienced as a "mystical event".

It is activated by Peyote, Psilocybin Mushrooms and low to moderate doses of LSD.


Deals with the "wholeness" also called "Mythical Intelligence".

Similar to concepts like the consiousness of Gaia, Astral plane, Akashic fields, The Force in Star Wars and The collective unconscious of Gustav Jung. This circuit transcends time and encompasses the understanding of your existence in deep time. It connects you with an archetypicial blueprint where you can see certain patterns of existence. The realm of the Shamans. Activated with high doses of LSD.

Now things are getting really outthere to prepare yourself for the.....


Regulates the "Quantum Mind" on a psycho-atomic level.

The QUANTUM MIND is a proposed idea of brain function that proclaims that the brain is governed by quantum mechanical events such as quantum entanglement and quantum superpositions. It regulates information from beyond the normal space time continiuum.

A cosmos of infinite realms, the planes of the "gods".

THe last step, beyond this lies the Supermind

Can be activated by: Kundali Yoga / Meditation, D.M.T. , Out of Body Experiences, Near death experiences, astral projection.

What circuit will you advance to in your lifetime? Will you never achieve anything past the Larval stage? ....Maybe its time to step up to the overmind and beyond!

You can read Timothy Leary's "EXO-PSYCHOLOGY" in PDF here for more information:


New Words For U

Step away from illiteracy, look smart and learn new words nobody else knows!

Arctolatry: Worship of bears, Bear cult

Ichthyolatry: The worship of fish or of fish shaped idols.

Ennui: A feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety

or lack of interest; boredom.

Sassafras: MDMA, XTC also a tree type.

Heliotrope: A magic herb reputed to confer invisibility.

Susurrous: Whispering or rustling

Rhabdomancy: The art of discovering hidden objects with the aid of a rod or


Pantomorphic: Taking on all shapes

Larval or Larve: Person with extreme low intellect, even lesser then a GUIDO

or Bro. example: "That sexist and racist guy always writing in CAPS how cool

and awesome he is, is def on a LARVAL level"

Paragnosis: Knowledge obtained by supernatural means.

Dwaal: A dreamy, dazed, absent minded state.

Cereology: The study or investigation of crop circles

Semothees: The offspring of a divine spiritual parent and a human one.

ASCII Art Gallery

"Cosmicism" by Waldorf Curralop

H.P Lovecraft was a real xenophobic sourpuss biggot

His favorite foods were ginger biscuits and cheese crackers

"Jabba" by Fenenzio Doddlewomb

Jabba the Hutt is 600 years old

He smokes his spice from a "snackquarium"...a Hookah filled with frogs which he eats for snacks

Video Advice Movie Tips

(this ASCII picture is a hybrid of the Original Yamaha DX100 commercial and mid 80s Phillips Videorecorder ads)

Another ViDeO AdViCe with some CoOl MoViEs To WaTcH!

Time to load up the bit2torrent and start downloading…this issue an extra dose of movie tips!!!

Rating system:

BASKETCASE 1982 USA Frank Henenlotter

One of the greatest movies ever made. Duane Bradley travels to New York with his deformed once siamese twin Belial. Belial lives in a picnic basket that Duane always carries around and whom he feeds all kind of snacks in bulk such as hot dogs and hamburgers. They check in at a seedy hotel and from there they plan their revenge against the doctors who separated them when they were kids. Unlike a lot of other movies in this genre this one sticks out on many levels… The acting, the colourful characters, the seedy atmosphere make it so much more then the usual exploitation slasher. You can watch Basketcase 2 and 3 too, not as good but still excellent…and you just need to know what happens in this epic journey, just like the original Star Wars... You should show this to your kids instead of all the brainrotting Disney crap they watch!

Trailer here


Originally a TV Movie from the 1970s this became a cult classic recently. Its really strange, unique and could be a kids family movie sort of but not really (but it could be depending in what kind of family you grow up...) Its too disquieting for that...Ronald is a dorky inept kid that is bullied by everyone. His mother (there is no father) has all her hopes set on that Ronald will become an important doctor. Ronald himself lives in a fantasy world of enchanting RPG dungeons and dragons fairytales. One day Ronald accidentaly kills the neighbor's little daughter when she calls him names. His mother decides to hide Ronald in the walls of their house and tells the police he left to an unknown destination. Ronald is not allowed to go outside of the walls and one day his mother has to go to the hospital for an operation. She fills up the refrigirator and sais she will be back in 2 weeks. Something goes wrong with the operation and the mother never returns. Ronald survives stealing food from the neighbours kitchen. Then one day....the house gets new tenants whome are unaware that there is somebody living in their walls who is watching their every move....

It all has a tense highly mesmerizing horrific fairytaile atmosphere that just works fantastic.



If there would be a DVD box with Bad Ronald and another movie touching the same subject sort off this would be it…That is a Voyeurism mixed with "domestic espionage" compilation. The main guy (or antoganist actually) is a chubby glassed adorkable psychopath who starts following some incredibly stupid bimbo. Yeah its one of those movies were the main female protagonist is so irritating and dumb that you just hope she is going to get cut up as soon as possible to get it over with. The main focus of interest thus is the psychopath who investigates every intimate detail about his victim. You will sit on the edge of your seat in nailbitting anxiousness as he breaks in her appartment and sets up spy cameras, taps on the phone etc. After a while he goes into unsettling areas when he tries to "accidentally" chat her up at the video store with the information he gathered. Slowly he befriends her and the story gets more intense and disturbing. Incredible uncomfortable but also (unintentionally) humorous…really absurdly entertaining but its still pretty bad, especially compared to Bad Ronald.

THE LIFT 1983 Holland Dick Maas

Dick Maas's STUNNING euro-horror classic and also one of the best dutch movies ever made. Ahead of its time with a story about an elevator taken over by an Artificial Intelligence gone haywire. Everything is awesome in this movie from the name of the evil microchip company "Rising Sun Industries" to the dark office tower always hit by lightning. Add badass melancholical acting, moody colourful and sinister art direction and we haven't even mentioned the FANTASTIC soundtrack by the director himself, played on a Roland Jupiter 8 and Juno 6. A genuine Masterpiece.

Watch it here with english subtitles


There is also an English dubbed version somewhere floating on the internet.

COMBAT SHOCK 1984 Buddy Giovinazzo

This is like Eraserhead meets Taxi Driver made on a zero budget. Set in Port Richmond, Staten Island, it tells the story of a jobless vietnam veteran who has to deal with his nagging wife and malformed baby. Things are getting pretty grim from there... Considered to be "one of the ugliest, nastiest, most depressing movies of the decade"...sounds like fun! Also for real this is, I am not kidding, Port Richmonds only claim to fame. A great christmas movie for the whole family!

You can watch the whole movie online here:


THE SENTINEL 1977 USA Michael Winner

Awesome sophisticated 1970s horror movie set in New York. Directed by Michael Winner of Death Wish fame. Allison Parker is a highly psychoneurotic fashion model. She rents a new appartment in a house which is owned by a secret society of excommunicated Catholic priests. Allison is unaware to the fact that this house is a secret gateway to hell and its entrance is guarded by a blind priest who lives in the attic. Enough material for one of the most fascinating and scariest 1970s horror films! At the time the movie came out it was recieved quite dramatically with reviews like "the worst most offensive and repressive

horror film of the 1970s".

In hinsight all this critisism didn't seem justified...nothing but the pretentious blather of uptight movie critics....fortunately the movie has matured rather well and is now seen as a 70s horror masterpiece, The overall atmosphere is just great...the cinematography, the soundtrack, the cast (Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Walken!) the weird story and the late 70s New York Fashion jet-set vibe all fit into place perfectly!


Essential Trip Music

IASOS - Inter-Dimensional Music 1975

15 track album

This is like the Selected Ambient Works 1985-92 of new age music, one of the very first (if not the first) new age albums which freakyness and unique production style have never been recreated nor imitated. The incredible rawness gives everything a soft edge. Extraordinarely ethereal...like being surrounded by golden lensflares in a sea of phlox colored quicksilver. While pan plays his pipes on a forested shore made out of hmmm chocolate. There are almost no low frequencies, this might work on one's nerves too much but somehow it doesn't. Put the high EQ' a little bit less and you are off....Brainmelting stuff.

Listen to it here

J D Emmanuel - Wizards 1982

Five tracks recorded on a Crumar Traveler organ, Yamaha SK20 Symfonic ensemble, 3 (!) Sequential Circuit Pro One's and a DeltaLab DL-2 digital delay Beautifull dusty and wooley new age synth trips. Real deep stuff bustling with character and awesomeness, think Terry Riley but then inwards and beyond, sedative...coming over you like a soft velvet blanket.

Get it here

MORTON FELDMAN - Coptic Light 1985

Perfect for a more mystical unnerving confound, if not a tad, sinister trip. Raymond Tuttle, a music critic, wrote in 1999: "This music exists on the other side of the fence that marks the boundaries of our consciousness." That is enough words said

Build Your Own Mixer Controlled Feedback Synth

Do you have a half broken old mixer lying around? (For example that crap MACKIE Mixer u need to dispose of!)...you can turn it into a cool super analog freak synth. No soldering or electro engineering required! You don't even have to use glue or tape...All you need are some cables! (and maybe a limiter and some FX pedals)

We will make this synthesizer by feeding its output in its own input creating a feedback loop where the mixer will keep amplifying its internal circuit noise. This feedback loop will be controlled and shaped with the EQ and volume controls on the mixer.

BE sure to put the volume on your speakers low...I would also advise not to do this on any precious monitor speakers you have, just use some old crap speakers to be safe cause this synth is going to be EXTREME and it might blow up your speakers or anything else in the signal path.

DO NOT USE headphones!!!!!

Maybe connect a limiter just to be safe....maybe really do cause it is going to be LOUD and mostly uncontrollable!

So all you gotta do: Be sure the volume faders/knobs are down. Connect the AUX outputs of the mixer to the input channels of your mixer. Thats it. You have created a feedback loop that is controllable with the EQ, AUX send and volume knobs. Slowly turn up the volume faders and kind of see where it goes...it will come in slowly like a seabreeze wave but will quickly transform in a gargantuan tsunami of sound...so move the sliders with the upmost delicacy. You can change the frequency and sound "color" by tweaking the EQ knobs and changing the volume and AUXillery ammount. More BASS eq will make the pitch go down, high EQ up etc. You can connect as many inputs to as many Aux outs making a sort of polyphonic feedback synth, which you can play by sliding the volume faders...

check out this mp3 for an example of how this will sound:


Here is a schematic of the Feedback Fractal synth:

Don't expect to get any smooth scaled synth sounds straight away, this is going to be all over the audible noise spectrum from swooping sub lows to sweeped high bleeps. Unpredictable chaos is all yours...

This is especially good for the more rawer experimental type of music styles...drone noise or just weird effects.

You can also tune a sound for each mixer channel, pitch them to scale and play notes by sliding the faders up and down.

Like in this movie example:


Add some FX such as delay, phasers, filters, more EQ, tremelo, vibrato, overdrive etc. the possibilities are endless! No need to get a 7000 euro EMS synthi or Buchla (not really but still its fun)

More in depth information about feedback synthesis here:


Pulsars Of Poetry

This poem was send in by 24ktgod

endless sky obscured

by right angles

my mind at ease

wind carries, from smooth surface

rough leaves

men in white linen

across the veranda,

wet palms swaying-

serve me drinks with

little umbrellas

"i buy yoga mats

with plastic-I

leave through sliding

doors Im at peace with myself

go ahead pour some more"

a tiny sea of ZIPLOC

bags filled with

vaporous forms

dragging one

tab between

two others, light

skin between topaz


little black

digits, banality of

life gives gentle way

to the withdrawal of

my 401k



Here is a poem from C.Bukowski:

"Be Kind"

We are always asked

to understand the other person's


no matter how


foolish or


one is asked

to view

their total error

their life-waste



especially if they are aged

but age is the total of

our doing.

they have aged


because they have


out of focus

they have refused to


not their fault?

whose fault?


I am asked to hide

my viewpoint

from them

for fear of their


age is no crime

but the shame

of a deliberately

wasted life

among so many





Roland Aira TR8 Review From Miami

A review by ADEPTUS of the new Roland TR8 drum machine, straight from Haitian Town NORTH MIAMI where they know quite a bit about original TR808s...

I have used tr808 extensively and 909 a couple times and i can say for sure that it is sounding as good as those machines, seq is surprisingly deep, a little bit inconvenient for a guy like me to use because i am not so much a live performer, and I like to plan all my patterns out in song mode with parameter locks a la later generation electribes/mpc/rm1x/commandStation/ modern DAWS.. off the bat the "circuit emulation" does same or better job than i can do with my daw and 808/909 samples, no normal person would distinguish the sound..

The sequencer is solid and suited for live use i think, and there is not parameter locks which is bumming me out cuz thats important when u are making well thought out or prepared productions, but if ur that style u could wing it with careful takes.. the effects are OKAY, the Scatter is really great and fun to use and saves some complicated workstation work, i would normally have to do to get that sound. overall i say it is worth it if u are more of a tactile kinda guy but if u didnt grow up/develop ur skillz on hardware then just use samples and it is not worth the cost to move outside the box. If you are still trying to spending more than a thousand dollars on buying something that is "analogue" for analogue sake i can tell you probably cant make cool tracks anyway. also there is possibility of 606 expansions coming soon? also it stupid you cant load samples via usb cord. also it looks cool like a Borg device and not burning man or star trek tng computer like ableton live daw

AdEpTuS oF BlAcK AnGeL CrEw

Hail To The Technological Singularity

"DEEP THOUGHT" A D.I.Y Artificial Intelligence project for the Commodore 64 computer by Clendon Toblerone. Original a project for his junior high computer class.

This few of lines of commodore C64 BASIC code will give you a powerfull artificial intelligent, if not very ennui, entity to talk with. Perfect to spend the lonely christmas evenings or show off your programming skills:

You can ofcourse expand the AI Power by adding more answers after line 62

make sure to ad the directing lines to after line 25.

Baz Reznik's Travel Journal

You might know Baz Reznik from his cult DYFR records label and DJ mixes and productions, you might not know that Baz Reznik is also a writer! In 2011 he wrote a real novel called "The day after yesterday", a rather cool book about the dark side of a dutch DJ....its in dutch only tho... He is working on a new book apparently which is going to be some sort of travel journal. Baz wrote something in English for this magazine about his arrival in Brazil....we didn't hear anything after this so we presume he never made it out of the favelas...

The arrival by Baz Reznik

Going on a world trip is easy. You just need a decent job in a western society, a travel partner / wife (also with job) and the determination to live two years on pasta so you can save enough money. The difficult thing is leaving everything and everybody behind. To say goodbye to your job, house, family and above all security.

The security part is the part we miss the most when we land in Rio de Janeiro on the first day. After eighteen hours of flight (did I already mention that the world trip is a budget one?), Brazil can be breathtaking. Literally cause the forty degrees in combination with a lot of shouting South American cabdrivers is something you generally don't want to encounter after almost twenty-four hours without sleep.

Rio de Janeiro is a gigantic city with more than 6 million people living there. The fact that carnival was about to begin did almost double this number and made the prices of the hotel skyrocket. That is why we decided to go couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is a worldwide website dedicated to get travelers who have a spare room for other travels in contact with each other. We found a nice girl with good references in Rio who wanted to take us in for three days and show us around in town. Her house was a bit outside the tourist area and this is where the problem started.

The first five cabdrivers didn't know the address (or any English and with the quick course Portuguese I did in the plane I couldn't really do more than count till ten and say "thank you" which didn't help much at all). The sixth one did know the address but told us it was in the middle of the favelas. The favelas are the slums of Brazil and generally not the safest neighborhoods (to make a comparison: being in a minefield in Congo can be saver because at least if you stand still not much will happen to you, there are saver favelas now but that weren't the ones we were heading to).

We convinced the cabdriver to take us there anyway to have a look. When driving to the address the houses looked worse and worse. The cab had to slowly maneuver through half blocked streets with garbage and cracks in the concrete. Even the Brazilian cabdriver locked his doors and we felt the tension. Twenty six hours ago we were in the Netherlands, having a cup of coffee on the airfield after saying goodbye to family and friends, now we were driving through exactly those areas they always say you have to avoid with no knowledge of the country, language or our general surroundings.

We were in Asia before but never in South America and never (apart from some streets in our own city) in a neighborhood where even the cabdrivers don't want to be. Our relieve was immense when we stopped at the address and the building turned out to be a gated and heavily guarded community of six flats right between three favelas. The cabdriver jumped out and got one of the guards who, after showing him the address, looked around before opening the fence to let the cab drive in. After us they immediately closed the gate to only open it again to let the cab leave.

It was one in the afternoon, right on time, when we told the reception to phone our hostess. Our dream of finally being in a safe environment to get some drinks, food and maybe some sleep was shattered by the receptionist telling us the phone was not answered. There was nothing else to do but wait on a couch in the reception and hope our hostess would turn up any time soon. We couldn't go outside into the favela and there was nowhere else to go: because of carnival all the hotels had been spoken for months ago.


By Baz Reznik

You can purchase Baz Reznik's novel here it is in dutch language only!


The Wisdom Of Argios The Sorcerer Druid

Practiced in isolation and secrecy, viewed with suspicion by society, this is Argios'guide to everyday sorcery from elixers to magic potions to forgotten herbal knowledge.

In the ancient celtic lands Druids had great knowledge about the potency and power of all kinds of plants.

One of the most sacred herbs of the Druids was Mint in its various forms.

Vape or extract the mint smell in your vincinity and it will result in a higher state of being, a wave of freshness, creativity, focus and concentration will come over you. But also an overall pleasant relaxed mood. Energetic withouth being ansy or speedy.

Growing it yourself:

You can ofcourse buy mint plants, sprigs, dried mint and even mint oil in the supermarket but its really easy to grow by yourself too, it will grow fast and plentyfull and almost everywhere, its ideal place is however a moist ground facing the midday/afternoon sun. The best time to harvest mint is in the morning while the volatile oils and life forces in the plant are at their strongest.

How to operate the mint herb:

Fresh mint:

Tear it up in smaller pieces with your hands (it will make your hands smell really nice) put a bunch of it in a bowl and place it in your room somewhere. Make sure you tear the pieces in the room you want the mint atmosphere because it is during the tearing process that most of the mint particles will infuse the air.

The potency of this method is not as powerfull but it is the freshest with a more pine-forestesque smell to it. You might need a bunch of bowls around the room to really get the best out of it.

Dried mint:

A more sweeter intenser smell then the fresh mint and more potent. Put some water in a preferably wide open pan (with a big surface area, like a wok or frying pan) put it on the stove and sprinkle like 5 grams (half of a small jar) of the dried mint in it. Let it slowly simmer ...your house should be infused with its mesmerizing smell in no time. Be carefull you don't overdo it, cooking it too long and putting in too much dried mint might give a more medicinal and spinach-esque smell. Just experiment a bit to get the right amounts and results you like.

By Argios the sorcerer arch-druid

SchmerzLabor Und Das Cabaret Voltaire

A transcription of the legendary monologue Guy Tavares aka Schmerzlabor made after his DJ gig in the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on the 2nd of march in the year of our Lord 2014 (German Language only)

'HERGANG UNBEKANNT' ('Circumstances Unknown')

'Schmerzlabor und Das Cabaret Voltaire', Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, B.R.D., Sonntagnacht 02-03-2014

Ihre gnädigen und sehr geehrten Damen und Herren, ich bitte Sie um Verzeihung, aber ich möchte Ihnen folgende dunkle Geschichte erzählen, eine Geschichte über die Sünden von diesem Tatort Hamburg, die Sünden von der 'Reeperbahn', 'ici, dans le port d'Hambourg' am Tag des Herrn, in der Nacht den Herren, wo die Herren am Ende des Wochenendes noch 'nen letzten 'Spaziergang' machen können, und für 'nen guten Preis...

Aber, es gibt hier natürlich wie überall auch Angst! Jawohl, liebe Freunde, Sie hören gut, Angst! Und was nun, kleiner Mann? Hmmm? Hat der Kleine Angst, na? Ja, der Kleine hat Angst! Einst, etwa 20 Jahre her, kurz nach der Wende, war einmal hier in Hamburg ein kleiner Mann, der keine Angst hatte. Lass uns ihn 'Hänschen' nennen, na, 'ne gute Name für 'ne Hansestadt, doch? Hänschen, aus Hänschenstadt, HH!

Und das man hier Angst hat, das verstehe ich doch sehr wohl, denn sie alle wissen natürlich das dieser Teil Europas Grenzegebiet ist und seit vielen Jahrhunderten hat man darum Angst: 'Die Nothwendigkeit ist das Reich der Natur und die Freiheit das Reich der Gnade'. Und nicht weit von hier, hinter der Elbe, fangt Asien an. Hinter der Elbe, wo es immer noch sehr viel Natur gibt, aber leider keine Gnade. Ja, jedes Jahrhundert gibt's einige Male ein Fluß, von Osten nach Westen, fluß nach fluß mit wilden Asiatischen horden, gnadenlose Reiter mit nadenlosen Pferden, ganz ohne Erbarmen aus feldgrauen Morgenrotlanden!

Immer wieder stürzen sich auf das Abendland ganz die Wut und ganz die Rasernei in endlosen Reihen aus endlosen Steppen aus der endlosen Wüste der gnadenlosen Tatarei! Und wir alle sind nur Weicheier und 'sie' sind hier im Westen wie Max und Moritz im Land von Kokanien, Schlaraffenland, dort wo jetzt gegrillte, wohlgebratene Hünchen direkt in dein geöffnetes Mündchen fliegen, schlupp!

Aber so war es damals, etwa 20 Jahre her, unser Hänschen der an jedem Sonntagabend in der Nähe von der 'Kleinen Freiheit', am Tag des Herrn, in der Nacht für die Herren, wirklich ein Sonderangebot hatte, für alle Herren der Nacht.

'Frische Birne! Volle Birne! Spezialangebot! Frische Birne! Volle Birne! Ich hab' sie gepflegt und gefüttert! Spezialangebot volle Birne! Und für 'nen guten Preis 'nen letzten Spaziergang, na?' Die Leute da wissen natürlich alle das seine 'Früchte' ganz 'gegennatürlich' waren, sein 'Obst' und sein 'Gemüse' ganz entartet, aber das war ihnen allen in Sankt Pauli selbstverständlich nur scheißegal. Und man soll dabei verstehen das unser kleines Liebesprinschen nähmlich einzig, großartig, glänzend, phänomenal war. Sein wertvolles 'Elbebein',schneeweiß, vielleicht nicht vergleichbar mit dem 'Schwäbisches Töpfchen', aber doch, für die Connaisseurs in der Region eine sehr gerühmte Lokalspezialität, und sein 'Blumenfleisch', rosenblumrot, unser 'Narziss' mit 'Goldmund', unser 'Lorelei' von 'Elbemund', solch'n kleines Bubelein, so frisch und fröhlich knabelich, und für 'nen guten Preis! An jedem Tag des Herrn, in jeder Nacht den Herren...

Einmal aber gab es auch für Hänschen 'nen letzten 'Spaziergang'. Damals war, einige Jahre nach der Wende, ein Flugzeugträger der Russischen Kriegsmarine im Hafen angekommen mit etwa 800 ausgehungerten Matrosen, Schaum, oder darf ich mal sagen 'Abschaum', aus allen Teilen des altes Zarenreichs:

Russen, Belarussen, Ukrainer und Kosaken, Esten, Letten und Litauern, Polen und Moldawier, Wolgadeutschen und Ostjuden, Georgier, Armenier und Aserbaidschaner, Osseten, Tscherkessen und Tetschener, Kalmücken, Baschkiren und Tataren, Kazaken, Kirgisen, Uzbeken, Turkmenen und Tadschiken, Buryaten und Mongolen, Yakuten und Tunguzen, Koryaken, und so weiter...

Och, diese armen Jung'männer! Durch ihre eigenen ethnischen Gesellschaften 'abgesandt'! Wenn sie zurückkehren mit Gold und Ehre möchte das schon gut sein, aber wenn sie ebenfalls niemals wiederkehren, na, dann wäre das eigentlich am besten... Die Notwendigkeit, das Reich der Natur...

Und ich hab' Ihnen schon gesagt, kleines süßes Hänschen hatte keine Angst. An diesem Tag des Herrn hatte er einige von diesen feldgrauen Morgenrotlandmatrosen 'am Bahn' entfernt und er war mit ihnen mitgegangen um sich, für 'nen guten Preis, mit ihnen zu 'vereinbaren'. Doch diesmal war alles anders. Noch niemals war für unser Hänschen 'das Rätsel der mannmännlichen Liebe' einfach so eintrittlich haßvoll und gegenwärtig eingetreten!

Unser Hänschen war ganz überrascht und überwältigt durch die ganze Wut und Rasernei aus der endlosen Wüste der gnadenlose Tatarei! Hatte der alte Goethe das gemeint mit 'das ewig Männliche'? Oder war es nur der Zorn Gottes, 'Dies Irae' am Tag des Herrn ohne Unterschied und ohne Urteil, den Zorn eines tragisches Gottes um die Gegenwärtigkeit der eigenhändig gemachten Natur?

Am nächtsten Tag, im feldgrauen Morgenrot, würde sein 'freies', nacktes Körperchen gefunden, nicht weit von der Elbebrücken, am Rand der Autostrasse beim Kai. Und noch niemals hatte der sehr geehrte und sehr gelehrte und sehr beliebte Professsor am Institut für Kriminalforschung solch ein außergewöhnlich 'ausgewohntes' Loch angetroffen! Bei der Autopsie wurden auch bis zu 8 Liter menschliches Samen entdeckt, 3 Liter im Magen, 3 Liter in den Gedärmen und etwa 2 Liter in, für die medische Wissenschaft ganz neuen Eintritten, oder darf ich mal sagen 'Einschnitten' und Einsichten der wirklich unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten der menschliche Physiognomie! 'Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate', zur Liebeshölle und zum Liebesparadies würde diese Liebeskarawane ohne Ende nie aufhören und selbst wenn der Tod eingetreten ist, möchten sie nicht aufhören neue ungekannte Liebeshöhlen handmässig, oder darf ich mal sagen 'leibmässig', durch ein endlos kräftiges stoßen auszugraben.

Auch die Resultate der DNA-Prüfung waren sehr, sehr interessant und sehr, sehr typisch! Das ganze Blut-Emporium des altes Zaren-Imperiums hatte dabei 'acte de présence' gemacht! Russen, Belarussen, Ukrainer und Kosaken, Esten, Letten und Litauern, Polen und Moldawier, Wolgadeutschen und Ostjuden, Georgier, Armenier und Aserbaidschaner, Osseten, Tscherkessen und Tetschener, Kalmücken, Baschkiren und Tataren, Kazaken, Kirgisen, Uzbeken, Turkmenen und Tadschiken, Buryaten und Mongolen, Yakuten und Tunguzen, Koryaken, und so weiter...

Und so werden eigentlich doch am Ende alle Menschen Brüder, wer hätte das gedacht! Mit bis zu 8 Liter in seinem Körperchen zusammengebracht, waren das etwa 800 männlichen, oder darf ich mal sagen 'mannmännlichen' Spritzen, wovon bis zu 300 'post mortem', nicht nur unangenehm, auch ekelhaft! Man konnte natürlich an einen Zusammenhang denken, aber ich weiß, 'das Schwarz und Weiß ist kein Beweis', und das Russisches Bärenschiff hatte den Hafen schon verlassen und befand sich seit vielen Stunden auf dem 'Mare Liberum'. Auch das Ministerium hatte, so kurz nach dem Anschluß von Volksgenossen und Volksgenossinnen aus der gnadenlosen 'Demokratischen Volksrepublik' ins Ostland, leider keine diplomatischen Krawalle mit den ausgehungerten post-sovietischen Russen. So, bis zu diesem Tag des Herrn, lautet die offizielle Polizei-Anzeige dieses tragisches Falls immer noch:

'Hergang unbekannt'...

Ach, und niemals wieder wird man noch mal 'dans le port d'Hambourg', am Tag des Herrn, seine schöne, hohe Stimme singen hören: 'Frische Birne! Volle Birne! Spezialangebot! Frische Birne! Volle Birne! Spezialangebot voller Birne! '...

Und dieser kleine Mann, der keine Angst hatte und nicht 'für sich allein gestorben war', die ganze ewige Rache Gottes,'Flagello de Dio', aus dem gnadenlosen Osten voll Finsterniss für die ganze Stadt, voll Sünden, ganz allein auf sich 'genommen' hatte; Diesmal die Großstadt ganz gerettet!

Und für 'nen guten Preis, na? Ein kleines Opferchen!

Denn was soll Hamburg sein ohne sein Hänschen? Wo soll diese 'Freie Hansestadt' noch bleiben, hmmm?...

'An 'nem schönen, blauen Montag liegt ein toter Mann am Kai, und ein Mensch geht um die Ecke den man 'Judas Goldstein' nennt'...

Guy Tavares Guerra Roque


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And a final thought for this issue...

You understand now that you are no longer a fairy in the platonic super world... but that you are actually a monkey with a brain full of mush trying to sort out whats right in front of you


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