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Order Of The Shadow Wolf CyBeRzInE

SHADOW WOLF ISSUE 6 February 12th 2018

This is a special issue of the Shadow Wolf cyberzine -

Most of the content was created in one Saturday afternoon- on the 10th February of 2018 - during a special cyberzine workshop seminar held at the WORM institute for avant garde media in Rotterdam.

During the course of the afternoon the participants were introduced into a brief history of cyberzine BBS culture - were shown how to make ASCII art and endeavoured themselves into writing and designing the content for this issue.

I want to thank all the participants, it was a great afternoon and your contributions are much appriciated :)

Here is the example drawing that was made on the beamer during the introduction briefing, I think the WORM bar did pretty good during the workshop.

The l33t CYBERPUNKS that created this ISSUE:

Z Van Zerval - Dawn Flyerson - Tony Dubshot - 23 - Boris Grishenko - David Vunk - Chef Tentaql - Mr.Toasted - The Harminator - Thorn - Freddy Fladder - Linh Luu & Marvin from Animistic Beliefs - SpaceARP Pete - Sip303 - Fakshund & PMT from Wellington - SL & DM from Freiburg -




Because we are doing this workshop in the WORM institute - what better subject to focus on then WORMS....Worms are exciting and wonderfull creatures.

What do you know about WORMS? Here is some interesting WORM trivia:


The largest earthworm in the world is the African Giant Earthworm (Microchaetus Rappi) It can grow as long as 6.7 meters!

But things get even more EXTREME in WORM TRIVIA...

The longest worm and also longest known animal in the world is the Lineus Longissimus - also known as the bootlace worm. A type of ribbon worm (Nemertea - inverteberate animal)

it can grow to 55 meters !!! (That is around 180 ft. Found in tide pools, muddy beaches, shallow seaside pools, rocky intertidal shores, mostly around Great Britian. Its mucus is highly toxic and slimey so don't pick it up or eat it if you see it.

Here are some interesting cryptozoological psuedoscientific worms - CRYPTIDS WORMS (that only exist in folklore and have never been proven to exist or are not yet discovered):


Modest in size this Cryptozooligcal creature (approx. 1.5 meters length) is the Mongolian death worm which you might be already acquinted with. Supposedly living in the deepest parts of the Gobi desert where it hides under the sand. Extremely dangerous - touching it causes instant pain and suffering - it can spray a corroding venom from a distance and some even say it can spit an electrical discharge. Many expeditions have been undertaken to prove its existence - all have failed.


More exotic within cryptozooligcal circles is the Brazilian Minhocão. A Worm Lizard creature of Immense size and fantastic proportions - 20 to 50 meters. It is believed to live in the deepest not yet explored forests of Central and South America where it lives in giant trenches and snacks on big animals and humans that dare to enter its habitational zone.


DUNE (USA 1984) - based on Frank Herberts 1965 novel directed by David Lynch Starring Kyle MacLachlan (agent COOP) - Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard of Star Trek TNG) - the great Bergman actor MAX VON SYDOW - Sting (don't know if thats a good thing - though I have a soft spot for the Ben Liebrand mix of Englishman in New York) and lots of other legendary people.

The movie tells the story about the planet ARAKIS a sand planet with mostly dunes, in which giant worms roam about - these worms produce the SPICE - the most precious substance in the universe. The SPICE extends life, expands conscioussness and makes space travel possible. The SPICE through evolutionairy mutation - created a guild of space navigators who can fold space - they can travel throughout any part of the universe without moving.

When it came out in 1984 it was slaughtered by the movie critics - as far as being nominated for worst movie of the year! "a real mess, an incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless excursion into the murkier realms of one of the most confusing screenplays of all time" What travestry! What LIES!

People that don't understand this movie should go watch Transformers 2 or Atomic Blonde or something else that is on their primeordeal larval mind level. I watch DUNE every year, sometimes twice a year and find it completely understandable.

if you haven't seen it do it now - its 1000000 times better then Star Wars which is a movie for drooling baby men who secretly jerk off to Disney stuff.

This movie tinkles the mind makes new connections in your brain




Diabolo in Musica is not the title of an Italo tune or a B-movie. It's a combination of two notes that you can play on any keyboard. For example if you hit a C-note and a F#-note at the same time, you get the TRITONE a.k.a. the DEVIL's tone a.k.a. the DIABOLO IN MUSICA. Altho the sound of the tritone is perhaps a little bit ruff on the ears ~ at least when compared to other tonal combinations ~ it will definitely not do the same thing for you as spinning Led Zeppelin records backwards during a messy seance. The tritone is quite harmless from an eschatological point of view, and very useful for funky harmonies and jazzy chords with a bite. Even J.S. Bach used it all the time. So why did the tritone get a really bad rep?

Blame the ancient Greek cult-leader Pythagoras, and the Christian Church. The ancient Greeks were really obsessed with harmony and they also wanted to create THE PERFECT STATE. The influential whole number ratio fetishist Pythagoras thought it would be a good idea to control people's minds with music played in certain scales. By playing only the 'legal' harmonies, and making other harmonies illegal, or even SINFUL, he started a war against the tritone. The Church picked up on this and started it's own crusade against the tritone. For ages, the harmonic theory of the Western culture was based on the principle of tritone avoidance. How strange.

If you want to know more about the history of musical mind control using musical scales and harmonies check out this free book by Richard Merrick called INTERFERENCE. It's pretty deep, revealing all kinds of secrets of the universe and throwing in conspiracy theories, entheogens and what have you.


by tony dubshot // dubbhism.org


Tzzzssshxhchxhcpiiiiiii, the sound of tinnitus, a debilitating but all-too- common condition whereby the tinnitus-sufferer – also known as the Tinutee – hears a permanent non-auditory internal buzzing, hissing or ringing, with the capability of bringing them to the brink of madness. This condition is far too common nowadays, affecting 1 in 10 people, including yours truly. Tinutees inevitably have to face the gulf of quietude, the abyss of hush, the evil of Silence, at one point or another.

Thankfully there are some DIY noise therapy tricks to ease the racket in your eardrums. Mindful that each person may experience tinnitus differently, I will share my own personal anti-tinnitus remedy, created with the mighty MS-20. It combines pink and white noise, white letting through a very subtle high-frequency tone.

It also emulates the North Sea wind to soothe not only the ears but also the soul. You can of course adapt these settings to soothe your own condition: A different frequency for the 2nd oscillator (that does the beep), the filter cut off to find the right "tinitus masking" sweetspot.

Don't forget to hold/latch any key !

dr. Z van Zerfal


2 Jars/Cans of Grilled Artichokes


Onion Powder

1 Tablespoon of Celery Flakes

Hard or soft Taco Shells

Olive Oil

Iceberg Lettuce

Tabasco or other hot sauce

5 Tomatoes

3 Limes

3 Onions

1 or 2 Jalapeno Peppers

Fresh Celantro


Squeeze/Juice the 3 Limes

Cut the Tomatoes and onions in small cubical pieces. Slice the Jalapenos in thin slices. Tear the Celantro in small pieces. Mix all in a bowl, add salt and the lime juice. Stir.

Drain the Artichokes so all the can/jar oil goo is gone and cut up/sqeeuze the garlic. Fry the Artichokes and Garlic in a bit of oil for a few minutes. Add salt, Onion Powder and Celery Flakes - Stir. Warm Taco shells in oven or microwave

Fill taco shells with fried artichokes, iceberg lettuce and the Tomato Onion Celantro Lime mixture. Add aome tabasco.

For a truly pacific taste experience serve before or after Vietnamese soup


by Boris Grishenko

Among the ancient mongers of the Cult of Perl there is a long-standing tradition of writing computer software so unreadable by the human eye that it has turned in to an art-form.

Called 'Obfuscaded Code', these programs are a form of net-art that can have many aesthetic qualities that separate them from other paradigms such as esotheric programming languages like the Brainfuck interpreter - where the entire program is written using only 8 different characters: ><+-.,[] - or Malbolge (the 8th circle of hell) - which was specifically designed to be almost impossible to use.

A simple example of such a program is the following:

Which actually writes: Just another Perl hacker,

This can go even a step further, where the entire code initially looks like a character-based ASCII-drawing. Secretly these drawings can run as a program and sometimes output something completely different than what they on the surface seem to represent.

You can try to run the following pieces of 'ASCII-artcode' using the standard Perl interpreter. - just copy the entire drawing to a textfile and run in a terminal using ~$ perl textfile

Or you can always appreciate their intricate visual representation.

Boris Grishenko


An in depth look at Belgium style mayonaises written by legendary Rotterdam artist DAVID VUNK! Let's go David:

Calve Belgian Mayonaise

A nice 0,5 liter glass jar with written on the label: the real belgium taste. It has indeed the real belgium sour taste what is typical for belgium mayonaise This is one of my top favorites

I give it 5 stars. *****

Devos Lemmens with extra eggs

Handy glass jar 0,35 liter. This is a dutch taste sweet mayonaise. And because the extra eggs is it super creamy. D&L also has other mayonaise. That is really worth a try. Vunk total Brand tip!

I give it 4 stars. ****

Remia frites saus 5 % fat

Stand alone tube for easy use. Healthier then most mayonaise ofcourse because the low fat. It still has some mayo taste. So if you struggle with your weight ;) This was my mothers tip to me.

I give it 2 stars. **

Mad Sauce the original

This is a French fries sauce, I a nice stand alone 0,5 liter tube, with cool coloured label artwork. This is a 1 on 1 copy of the well known Mac Donalds fries sauce and also the favorite of my nephew Shane he is 9 years old.

I give it 3 stars ***

Van Wijngaarden’s Zaanse mayonaise

This super fast tube 0,17 liter Zaanse mayo is a class on it’s own. The secret recipe by uncle Teun van Wijgaarden since 1950. It has the taste sunflower oil or something and has a smooth glitchy texture. Only available in The Netherlands. So if you are in the Netherlands. Go for it at the nearst Supermarket.

I give it 5 and a half stars ***** 1/2

Boni Recett Belge with lemon and free-range eggs

A very obscure brand from Belgium, that I brouhgt at a nightshop in Leuven for only €1,69. Half a liter stand alone tube. Artwork on the label is not so nice and even more boring with a big lemon on it☺. But when we talk about the taste of the mayonaise. It was not what I expected. IT was super sweet. I think they put some sugar in it. I like it a lot because it’s different with the sweet. A secret tip from the vunkinator!

I give it 4 stars. ****

So now we end up with the final question? : why is belgium mayonaise beter then other Mayonaise?

The typical Belgium taste is about the sour taste because they put more lemon in the mixture. If you compare it with other mayonaise countries like germany, Spain, Italy and belgium. But belgium mayonaise is not beter its different.

Most Dutchies like mayonaise without the sour taste of lemon. Also I have here Boni belgium mayonaise (not in the review) that doesn't have the soure taste. So you never know before you tasted it!

My final tip! go into dark strange nightstores and supermarkets all over the world and go for the unknown brands. Try them and find out what works for you best! I wish you good travels on the big journey of mayonaise!


Thanks David! If you are not familiar with his DJing check out this cool mix from him here.

Some places you can see David Vunk play the coming months:

VUNK Fact sheet:


By Chef Tentaql

Looking for food inspiration? Stop scrolling through instagram and check out our recommendations of delicacies from all over the world. We have some food experience for you that are truly one of a kind.


This is a traditional Inuit wintertime food from Greenland. Capture a few little auks, about 500 will do (make sure you get this type of bird, others might not ferment well and bring fatal consequences!!!). Capture a seal, empty the seal, and stuff the birdies in the remaining skin. Bury your creation for three months. Make sure to mark your buried meal with many rocks so you can find it again!!


Hailing from Sardinia, this is a special Pecorino cheese made soft and creamy by the hard work of thousands of maggots living inside the cheese. The cheese is best eaten with the maggots still living inside, but be careful! They like to jump (up to 15 cm distance). Make sure you cover your sandwich with your hands so the buggers don't escape!


by Mr Toasted

In the early days of the internet, when the World Wide Web and its HTTP protocol where not the global standard for going online yet, there was a little war for competing standards going on between computer scientist.

One such alternative to 'the Web' was the Gopher protocol, which was released in 1991. Instead of using the well known 'hyperlinks' of the webpages it uses a menu-like interface where each page lists an index to other pages or documents. A page is just a location on a server, so it can also link to pages/indexes on different networks.

The protocol was particularly suited for text-based computer terminals that where still used a lot at that time and its use was much more similar to the old- style BBS like information-systems. This used much less bandwidth than the heavy http-style webpages. Like http, the amount of sub-links within gopher is virtually limitless and in its form it represented a kind of underground network of tunnels between servers.

For your convenience I have prepared a conversion of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine that you can view by pointing your favorite gopher-client to gopher://mrtoasted.com


On MacOS, Linux and associated operating systems there is the terminal- based 'Lynx' browser. There is even a port of this program for the Amiga!


Some mornings I wake up with horrendous pain in the left lobule of my head and when it happen i just could not process any information, when the migraine finish seems like I just came back from war my brain feels distorted and molten. Sometimes to pale the pain I do microdosing of certain kind of shrooms that I colect in the forest near by, one of the last oasis in this gray area.

I collect them when the third moon arise in the opposite side of the black moon. But today something else happend, some kind of information was awakened,my neurons started to deal with it in different way , I felt like if a little mollusk was crawling in the low part of the brain crawling to the upper part.

I disconected.

Some hours latter I just could move my eyes.

I was reset and everything that I tougth that I was, I had never been.



By The Harminator.

If you want to understand how an analog synth works, you need to know about operational amplifiers, or op amps for short.

Operational amplifiers were developed for analog computers to perform mathematical operations. That's right, before digital computers there were computers based on analog mechanisms based on mechanics and hydraulics. The oldest know analog computer is the Antikythera mechanism, a computer that could predict astrological positions and eclipses decades before they occured. The mechanism is dated around 100 BC.

Nobody knows how it really works.

In more recent times analog computers were used to calculate trajectories of guns and rockets in both the world wars. For instance the V2 rocket flight path was calculated using an analog computer.

The early analog computers also used electrical 'mechanisms': operational ampli- fiers made with vacuum tubes. When digital computers took over in the 1950s, analog computers where hardly used, but the op amp turned out to be the most versatile electronic component.

The op amp is built from different electronic components itself, but has a parti- cular behaviour that can be used to create many different electronic functionalies: it can amplify electronic signals, compare signals, invert them etc.

In the late sixties op amps came onto the market in an integrated circuit package, a chip basically, and the modern synths were being created by the Bob Moogs of this world.

The most prolific op amp, the μA741 by Fairchild Semiconductors, was created in 1968 and is still in production today.



Everyone gets lonely sometimes, but it's hard to cope when feelings of

worthlessness and loneliness persist. You may begin to lose hope for the future

and find it hard to enjoy any aspect of life. Perhaps you've tried and failed to

find solutions, and you worry that you'll continue to feel this sad forever.

Am I always going to be sad and lonely with a fake smile on my face?


Animistic Beliefs' frontlady Linh Luu shares her secret family recipe a spicy Vietnamese noodlesoup, called 'Bún bò Huế'. WOW~!

Bún bò Huế is a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli (bún) and beef (bò). Huế is a city in central Vietnam associated with the cooking style of the former royal court.



2 pounds beef shank

2 pounds cut oxtail

2 pounds pork hocks

1 pound Huế style pork sausage

Broth Base

2 12-ounce cans chicken broth

10-12 stalks lemongrass

2 large onions, halved.

3 tablespoons salt

2 tablespoons sugar

3-4 tablespoons fishsauce

2 teaspoons MSG ;)

Extra seasoning

3 tablespoons anatto seeds

3 tablespoons oil

2 tablespoons shallot (takes longer to brown), optional

2 tablespoons garlic

2 tablespoons shrimp paste (Lee Kum Kee brand)

Herbz & Vegz



bean sprouts

spring onions

red hot chili peppers



1 package dried rice noodle, medium/large thickness


Clean the meat: Add all meat to a big stock pot and enough water to submerge it, then bring to a boil. Drain and rinse thoroughly under running water.

Add the meat, chicken broth, lemongrass and onions to the pot and fill with water almost to the rim. Bring to a boil then drop the heat to medium-high to maintain a low boil. Add the salt, sugar, MSG, shrimp paste and fishsauce to the pot.

Let it simmer and periodically check the meats for doneness and remove them as they finish cooking. The pork should be done after about an hour, the beef can vary between 2-3 hours.

Let the meat cool in the fridge. This way the meat will be easier to cut in slices later.

Taste the soup and adjust seasoning and add water to the broth if necessary.

Grab a saute pan and put on high heat with a bit of oil. When the oil is hot drop all the ingredients for the extra seasoning in, except the shrimp paste. Saute untill brown and add the shrimp paste. Stir well and add this extra seasoning to the broth.

Boil noodles according to package instructions.

While the noodles are boiling, grab your meat from the fridge and slice them in thin slices.

Slice or chop the spring onions, lime and chili peppers

(´・ω・`) Now it's time to assemble the bowl!!! WOOHOO!!! (´・ω・`)

Devide your noodles over the bowls.

Put the meat on top of the noodles.

Taste your broth for the last time and add seasoning if needed.

Use a big ladle to add the broth to the bowls.

Serve with the herbs and vegz on top.

Enjoy the hell out of this noodle ^^

By Linh Luu & Marvin.


FAKSHUND & PMT's (All the way from New Zealand!) entry was a littlebit jittered (I guess the ASCII ART was too big sorry ;) ), in the end it turned out into some CYBER BEATNIK slam style poetry slam-style:

SIP303'S pensive meanderings

Sip303's entry included some old school haXor style ASCII art and typical 90's - almost poetical - pensive zine meanderings:

After visiting the E-Zine workshop at WORM, presented by Danny Wolfers my memory kept going back to my old website.

I wrote initially from scratch and hosted it on a free webserver that was donated by my employer.

The theme was all black and green, much like an E-Zine on a monochrome monitor.

I registered iekommers.com in the DotCom era, sounds fancy if you pronounce it. It was an appeal against commercialism that fucked up the internet. I still like ASCII art and sharing internet gems and need little things to keep my mind busy.

No need to reinvent the wheel if you have something hidden up your sleeve like a free domain.

Again i work in the trenches of the internet, the spirit is back, my domain will find a new host, the phoenix rises.


And last but not least SPACE ARP PETE who made his entry on his phone

Thank you all for participating

The Shadow Wolf will be back!!!

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