date: 2020-02-15
tags: art

My Favourite Film-makers

Sebastián Silva

Interesting variety of films from this Chilean filmmaker.

He has a nice narrative approach, and I like his sense of humour which permeates throughout his films.

His brothers are in several of his films, sometimes acting as brothers in the context of the film.



Shane Meadows

wikipedia page

Creator of stylistic, gritty character studies of English life. Raw, and emotional.


A Room For Romeo Brass (1999)


This is England (2006, -)

Wes Anderson

wikipedia page

I found Wes Anderson's films way late... in 2018. I think I had him confused with a different director I disliked, and avoided his films, to be honest...

Contrary to some popular criticism, I don't believe his are over-rated, even though they're highly acclaimed in the "film world". All his films are rewatchable, consistently pleasant, and entertaining.



Alfonso Cuarón


Terrence Mallick



Richard Linklater



Werner Herzog


Julianes Sturz In Den Dschungel (2000)

Stumbled upon this film via wikipedia... It was utterly captivating. A stunning character study, about a woman who fell from a plane 3km, surviving. Werner Herzog was scheduled to be on this flight, but didn't make it due to over-booking... Such a treat of a film, to be honest

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.. |romeobrass| image:: images/room.for.romeo.brass.jpg

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.. |thisisengland| image:: images/

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.. |darjeelinglimited| image:: images/

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.. |rushmore| image:: images/rushmore.jpg

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.. |childrenofmen| image:: images/

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.. |daysofheaven| image:: images/days.of.heaven.jpg

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.. |badlands| image:: images/badlands.jpg

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.. |beforeseries| image:: images/beforeseries.jpg

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.. |wakinglife| image:: images/

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.. |crystalfaerie| image:: images/crystal.faerie.jpg

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.. |tyrell| image:: images/tyrell.jpg

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