Review of calendar software

I have much to do and I am without a calendar to organise myself. Surely there is a software solution to my problem so I endeavour to survey my options.

Gnome Calendar

Adding events

- Click on the + (plus) button in the top-right corner of the window.

- Set title, location, start date. Click "Done".

- Event is discarded.


Has a nice date input widget but adding events is broken. Typical dogshit Gnome/DBUS/GTK application.

Nix package size: 2.0 MiB

Nix closure size: 1.7 GiB


Adding events

- Select a time slot from the calendar and day widget.

- Click on "Click to add a task".

- Error is shown "Failed to open calendar “” - Default calendar not found"


An application that probably worked fine 15 years ago but doesn't work in the slightest now.

Nix package size: 75.0 MiB

Nix closure size: 1.9 GiB


Adding events

- Start the akonadi database server

- Double-click on a time-slot in the week or day overview widget.

- Enter summary and location.

- Set start time and end. Dates and times must have the appropriate leading zeros.

- Click "OK"

- Shows error "Select a valid collection first.". Not possible to select or create a collection from this dialog.


There are many things going on here, but not the least of which is a functional calendar application.

Nix package size: 12.4 MiB

Nix closure size: 2.6 GiB


Software is shit.

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