Part I: Argante design and implementation

1. Introduction and credits

2. Why Argante? How is it different from other systems?

3. SMTA - a multi-process model

4. VCPU - Virtual Architecture

5. The RSIS command set

6. Low Level Exceptions (LLX)

7. HAC - privilege control system

8. SVFS - filesystem architecture

9. IPC/rIPC - inter-process comunication, DVR concept

10. Scripts and console management

11. Using the RSIS assembler

12. Using AHLL translator

13. Standard module specification

14. Creating modules

15. Executable file format

17. Process console support

18. FAQ

19. Contact, bug reporting

Part II: Development Guidelines

1. AOS installation

2. Programming: project directory

3. Programming: Modular design

4. Programming: SVFS mapping

5. Programming: HAC lists

6. Programming: Multiple instances / NFS

7. Programming: Real System Interaction (hybrid solutions)

8. Programming: Clusters, redundancy

9. AHLL: style guidelines

10. Embeded in RS: command-line interaction, servlets

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